Resident Information

Your move in date

Check your lease to verify the rental start date. You may move in anytime after the start date of your lease, but not before. Sorry, no exceptions. We urge you not to make arrangements with the old tenants to move any of your belongings in early; your liability and their security deposit may be compromised. Oh yes, please don’t forget that your rent is due on the lease start date even if you move in later.

Columbia Information:

Utility company telephone numbers

Columbia Water and Light*
Ameren UE (natural gas):
MediaCom Cable Television and Internet:
Boone Electric Cooperative:

Utility connections

*City of Columbia hook-ups/disconnects (electric, water, sewer and trash) can be done via internet. Go to
**Serves Oakwood Terrace


Utility companies will not connect your services until the old residents disconnect their services. To avoid hassles, get contact numbers of old residents in the event they forget to disconnect their services.

Keys and lock combinations

We will notify you by US Mail where to get your keys or lock combinations. Please verify the arrangements to avoid move-in confusion.

Rent due date

Your rent is due on the lease start date and the same day each month of the lease. Check your lease to verify the rent and the due date. Late penalties will be assessed for rental payment made after the due date.

Name and address for rent payments

Checks payable to Warnken Properties. Send to:
Warnken Properties
1410 Ross Street, Suite E
Columbia, MO 65201
(Tel. 573.445.1892)

Management and maintenance contacts

E-mail (all email inquiries and messages):
Warnken Properties (all phone inquiries and messages):
573.445.1892 (24/7)
Denice Warnken cell:
Wendy Warnken cell:


Checkout Information and Cleaning Checklist (Word File – 3 pages)

Some Staying, Some Moving?

Sublease Agreement