Some Staying, Some Moving?

If you or a roommate is moving out, then you and your roommates should clean the apartment and clean the carpets accordingly. Please read the cleaning letter and list and apply whatever your situation warrants. USE THE GOLDEN RULE. Clean the kitchen, bathrooms, and carpet, looking at the situation as if you were the new person moving into the apartment. Remember, nobody likes a stinky, old food fridge, yucky living room and bedroom carpet, and gross tub and toilet. If you are too busy to clean, then make the time or hire our cleaners.

Denice and Wendy will be checking with the new people moving in. If you do not clean to the satisfaction of the new residents, then we will have the apartment cleaned and the carpets cleaned and will charge the outgoing 2008-2009 residents the costs of cleaning. When the apartment has been cleaned, please call Denice at 573-864-5400 for a walk-through. Leave the carpet cleaning receipt in the mailbox at the Ross Street office.

Questions? Call Wendy at 573-808-4342