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Excerpts from “The Parking Puzzle” Missourian, February 5, 2007

By Kristin Brake

“Lori Hudson lives five minutes away from the MU campus, but in her daily commute to class she allots herself at least 45 minutes to find a parking space. Hudson parks in her assigned lot, the Trowbridge Livestock Center, then takes a shuttle bus to Brady Commons. There are some days, however, when Hudson, an MU student, has to abandon her quest to find a parking space.

‘Parking is awful, there’s not enough spaces and the shuttle takes forever,’ she said. ‘Usually by the time I’ve circled the parking lot twenty times, I’ve missed my class, and I just go back home because I have nowhere else to park.’

Currently, MU has 23,000 parking spaces, including 2,000 metered spots, for more than 28,000 students (Fall 2011, 32,000 students) and more than 12,000 full-time employees.”

Excerpts from “Students Struggle With Parking Now, Hope For the Future” Maneater, February 9, 2007

By Jedd Rosche, Senior Staff Writer

“Jim Joy, director of Parking and Transportation Services, has heard every possible complaint about parking. Students have complained about late buses, slow buses and shuttles that stop for latecomers.

‘Some days you think you’re never going to win with this,’ Joy said.

But Joy predicts that parking might get worse before it gets better.

The Campus Master Plan outlines a new surgery tower for the University Hospital that will close and displace patient parking for 16 months until May 2009, making as many as 600 student and faculty parking spots into temporary patient parking spots in the Maryland Avenue parking garage.

This might have some effect on Joy’s psychology.

‘I wake up in the middle of the night and think I should retire,’ he said.

The campus holds 23,000 cars, giving first-choice parking to full-time professors and staff, followed by graduate teacher assistants and graduate students. Undergraduates are on the bottom rung and with only 600 spots affixed to residence halls, the competition is massive for the closest spot.”


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