Telephone and Cable TV Hookups for Ross Street and Anthony Street Apartments

If you are renting a Ross Street or an Anthony Street Apartment, please note:

Utility hookups, including inside cable TV and telephone connections, are the tenants’ responsibility. The telephone (and sometimes the cable TV) companies take the position that their responsibility stops at the outside box unless the subscriber pays an additional charge for inside connections (Cable TV may install cable service without charge).

Ross Street Apartments and Anthony Street Apartments are Internet ready with separate cable TV and telephone connections in each bedroom plus separate connections in the common living areas.

There are almost endless connection configurations. You may have one cable TV and one telephone connection for the entire apartment, or separate connections for each bedroom plus the common living areas.

Given the many possible connection configurations, you may want to ask the cable TV and telephone companies to set up the inside connections.

You can also call an independent technician to set up the connections. We can provide you names of independent technicians we believe to be qualified. Please note that we do not contract with them their services or take responsibility for their work.